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    Nothing In The Capture Window

    Hello, I recently purchased a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro to capture gameplay off of my Wii U. I have everything set up correctly, and for a period of time I had everything working perfectly on my desktop with several good recordings. However, the monitor I was using with my desktop suddenly broke and I now only have one monitor to share between my Wii U and my desktop, meaning I can't record with my desktop now because it stops recording if I unplug my monitor to switch to my Wii U. I then attempted to install and record on my laptop, and I looked at the other topics and followed the steps (disable in Device Manager, unplug, install, plug in, re-enable) that were frequently mentioned in many other topics, however I should note two things: 1. I've left the installation in its default location, yet my CD never offers me the option to Repair, it just goes straight to installing. 2. When I open the capture software, nothing is in it. There is no preview window, no settings, buttons (aside from the control buttons for the file viewer at the bottom) and no status at all. I haven't seen the problem around elsewhere. Does anyone have a solution? I should also note that the capture card does output to my monitor properly, all the correct lights are on on the Game Capture, I've updated the software all the way, and I'm using the included USB Cable (which worked fine for my desktop).