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    Vhs Playback Speed

    To capture it all, is that like the 'record, edit and save' option? I actually let it play for two hours only to see that for some reason it had stopped recording and never saved. So i set the burn to 2hrs. I returned another version of a converter because I thought this one would be better, but it seems that isn't the case. The other one burned at a faster speed and was much easier to cut and paste clips. bummer
  2. Is there a way to speed up the playback of the VHS? The tapes are 4hrs and I have to play them at the speed before I can burn them to a DVD. Is there a better or easier way? I am also doing individual files, like a 2hr clip and then another 2hr clip, because the VHS is bigger than a single DVD. Is there a better way? I haven't been able to find any information regarding this or the best way to transfer from VHS to DVD. Thanks