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    Burning Dvd On Mac

    Super frustrated new user to iMac. Looking for a software that can burn a DVD has been a nightmare. U2Any DVD creator keeps giving me error messages. Created movie in iMovie, 4.7 GB disks have always in the past been plenty big to burn a 2.5 hour 'film'. WHY??? does it take so long, and WHY does it tell me the file is 2GB in size but can't fit on a 4.7 disk? I'm doing amateur family performing arts videos and have done several on Windows movie maker and U2Any DVD creator used to work. Do I need an updated ? is it because I upgraded to the new OS ? any help would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to purchase anything that will WORK, and work correctly without taking 2 hours to re-write from MP4. Which I am assuming my handycam setting uses. Thanks in advance. Tea