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    How To Burn Iphoto Slideshow To Dvd

    I’d like to create a slideshow in Apple iPhoto (not the new Photos app, which stinks!), then burn that slideshow onto a DVD using Toast 12 Titanium so the resulting product will play on either a Blu-ray player or a DVD player. I have read a number of posts on various sites with suggestions, but none of them are very current or apply to Macs. I’d appreciate getting replies that include answering these questions: When I have the final version of the slideshow in iPhoto, do I then Export it as High Definition (1080p)? If I do, that creates a .m4v file. How do I take the .m4v file and burn it to a DVD in Toast 12? Suggested settings and step-by-step instructions would be appreciated. How do I configure the video to beginning playing immediately upon insertion of the disk? If it’s burned as a DVD, will it successfully play on any Blu-ray player? Thanks.