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  1. I am using an ADVC-100 bridge (analogue to digital converter) to capture video from a cable box and recording the ADVC output with QuickTime 7. The ADVC outputs .dv format and QuickTime 7 records it as a .mov file. I then edit the file and burn it using Toast. I also convert the .mov file to mp4 using other software. The problem is the image in either burned DVD or .toast disc image from Toast 16 is sightly distorted and seems slightly elongated horizontally. As I understand it standard definition (SD) TV has an aspect ratio of 4:3 consisting of 720 x 480 pixels (3:2) but the actual image appears as 640 x 480 (4:3) in size because the individual pixels are slightly rectangular (higher than wide) rather than square. A circle in the Toast 16 processed image appears slightly oval, wider than high. It seems to me that in the conversion process Toast is making the pixels square, which is producing the elongated image resulting in a 3:2 image ratio. I am using other software to convert the QuickTime 7 files to mp4 and the image comes out correctly for SD video. Curiously, I did not have this problem with earlier versions of Toast such as Toast 8. Can anyone explain why Toast 16 doesn't process an SD video properly?
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    Can I Join 2 Avi Files Into One?

    An alternative, if you want the files combined, is to cut and paste with MPEG Streamclip. http://www.squared5.com/svideo/mpeg-streamclip-mac.html
  3. I recently upgraded to Toast 8.0.3 from Toast 7.1.3. With the latter I have no problem copying a not-copy-protected movie from a Memorex 2x DVD-RW disc to another disc. Toast 8.0.3 doesn't even recognize the same DVD-RW disc (type RITEKW01) that Toast 7 does even though the DVD-RW disc shows on the desktop. I am trying to copy between the internal Superdrive and an external LaCie Firewire burner. I tried putting the video DVD-RW disc into both drives. In both cases Toast 8 doesn't recognize that there is a disc inserted. The pop-up menu for drives in Disc Copy shows only the names of the drives, not the name of the disc as Toast 7 does. I tried dragging the disc icon onto the Disc Copy window of Toast 8 but it wouldn't stay. Toast 8 Disc Copy works alright with DVD-R discs. My workaround is to drag the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD-RW disc into the Toast 8 VIDEO_TS Folder window using either the media browser or directly from the DVD-RW directory in the Finder, and burn a copy that way. I copied the movie to another DVD-RW disc using this technique in Toast 8. However, Toast 8 wouldn't recognize this disc when I reinserted it into each DVD drive. Obviously this is not a question of incompatibility between the DVD-RW disc and the drives. Since Toast 7 recognizes the DVD-RW discs obviously there is something wrong with Toast 8.0.3. It seem that in upgrading to Toast 8 it's a matter of one step forward (there are a few new useful features) and one step back. It's no excuse for defective software to point out that there is a workaround. I hope that this defect in Toast 8 can be fixed in an update before one has to spend even more money to upgrade to Toast 9. the gear: PowerBook G4, 1.67 GHz, Mac OS 10.4.11, 1 GB RAM; LaCie Firewire burner with NEC DVD-RW ND-3520AW.