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    Cannot Change Video Bitrate

    I have this problem too when streaming in 720p. It will not go higher than 2250 kbps... Please help
  2. Kalax03

    1080P Greyed Out?

    Thread BUMP So i used to have a 1080p profile, on my notebook. When i installed the game capture om my new desktop it only showed 1080i. I was desperate to make it work on 1080p again, because i hate 1080i interlaced. This method worked for me! I did this: 1. Force 1080p resolution on PS4 in general (No automatic) in screen settings 2. Start up a 1080p game (For me MGS V main menu) 3, Plug out Hdmi from Display and connect it to Roxio game cap. 4. It should revert back to 1080i while in game. 5.Quit Game capture software. 6. Don't quit game and go to screen settings again. 7. Select 1080p(Unsupported). (Only quit the game when your PS4 cannot go further don't do it manually) 8. You should see 1080p resolution and 1080p profile setting 9. Enjoy? 1080p? (Yes, this is really native 1080p! No interlace stripes from 1080i! )Thanks @ Galbadia You saved me alot of trouble!