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  1. This statement is what provided the germ of the idea to reinstall.
  2. Yes! Yes! Success! Brendon, I decided since your version installed successfully, "What the heck, let's just do a fresh install". While doing this I noticed in the installed programs list an entry called, IIRC, Roxio Business something or other. This had been installed in 2009(!), most likely by the previous owner - this machine is a business castoff. I uninstalled this program and my previously installed CD/DVD creator product. After much CD drive activity and clicking through Microsoft's 'must have digitally signed certificate' notification, the fresh install completed. Removed Drag-to-Disc, restarted computer, started program and clicked on 'clean up audio' and the beautiful, desired sliders appeared. And, they are functional - at least they move up and down under my control. I suspect the old business program was interfering somehow with CD/DVD creator but I'll probably never know. I don't care, I can now remove the clicks and pops from my LPs and that's enough. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Hello. No changes were made (by me - maybe some windows update affected something?). I did only enough to install the program and see the splash screens and open a few functions. I did not at that time test the sound editing functions. I did note that they were available - that's what I meant by 'back'. In the screenshot shown the black area initially shows the waveform graphic behind it. Clicking anywhere on the screen sends it to the black state you see. Error boxes, etc. follow this. The end result is that the sound editor shuts down.
  4. No, I cannot. The 'clean' box opens but it appears transparent. That is, instead of the controls as shown in your graphic, what appears is the background track display. Said another way, the frame of the box appears and covers the background but it's as if one is seeing right through the working part of the box onto the editing screen.
  5. With Brendon's able assistance I got this version running on my Win7 machine (drag to disc not included). I have found though that it's still crippled. It will record from the USB port and the basic functions of track editing work (track insertion/deletion, removing blank/noisy spaces, tag editor, etc. Where it fails is in the sound editing feature. This is completely nonfunctioning. For instance, the CLEAN selection opens and then nothing happens. When I click the upper bar in the CLEAN window it comes back with the error Clean not responding. The only way out of this is to close the window - whereupon another box opens with essentially the same message and two options are given. Namely, 'Close the Program' and, 'Wait for the program to respond'. If 'close', then windows checks for a solution and then the editor closes. Is it time to look for new software or, can this be fixed?
  6. Looks like it worked. Outstanding! The drag-to-disc always seemed an annoyance to me anyway. The screenshots are a very nice touch, the 'picture is worth a thousand words' thing. I did not get the 'Revocation...' alert. The sound editor is back tho' and that's the main thing I was after. Your appellation is well earned. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf!
  7. I doubt this is the right room to start but the name is the closest to the product I have, namely 'EASY CD & DVD burning', XP. Tried to install on win7 and got message about needing a digitally signed driver. Otherwise the program will not be allowed to run. Is there a digitally signed driver for the XP version which will allow it to run on a win7 machine? Thanks.