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    Menu Audio Weird Loop

    I see what you mean! Good to know for the future. Anyway, my question was to do with the menu audio music that was looping for only 5 seconds. That is actually a default duration. I just clicked on the menu once and it opened up a menu on the side where the duration can be changed.
  2. I'm having some trouble with the audio menu. Actually, any track I try short or long seems to loop only after five seconds or so. I've noticed that the animated thumbnails also seem to loop after those five seconds or so. What am I missing? PS I found it, I knew it was that general setting for the motion menu, I just couldn't find it.
  3. eruan

    40 Gb Bluray File Doesn't Import (Hang)

    I see. Yes I tried and it worked!
  4. eruan

    40 Gb Bluray File Doesn't Import (Hang)

    I understand, thank you. I mean, is it possible to add a subtitle file to the movie? Like in Encore.
  5. eruan

    40 Gb Bluray File Doesn't Import (Hang)

    Also, a related question, it's not possible to append a subtitle file?
  6. eruan

    40 Gb Bluray File Doesn't Import (Hang)

    Target bitrate is CBR 50Mbps as far as I know. The file estimate is 53GB but in reality it comes out as 43GB. Compressed using H264. Yes it's 1920x1080.
  7. eruan

    40 Gb Bluray File Doesn't Import (Hang)

    Thanks Jim, I'll give it a go. It will take a while.
  8. eruan

    40 Gb Bluray File Doesn't Import (Hang)

    It's encoded using the maximum 50Mbps in Premiere. Higher bps, higher quality. Movie itself is 2h 40 long. I suppose it is quite large yes but it's not a problem for Encore. It's just that Encore doesn't seem to have menus on Blu Ray discs. So I wanted to give NXT3 a shot.
  9. Hi, I have a problem with Roxio NXT3. Basically what I'm trying to do is import my film that is in .mkv format but it always results in an app hang. I also tried to import the same file but in .mov format with the same result. Please note that the .mkv file is the same film but with subtitles in there. If I try a smaller size file, let's say 8-9GB, it seems to import, though it still takes a few minutes. BluRay file is roughly 40GB. Is there anything I can do?