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  1. Thanks for the info. I was about to give up but you have given me new hope mike
  2. I'm afraid that is not very helpful. I can run NXT2 on another PC that I have running Win 7 but I would like to move forward and get a working copy running on Windows 10. The error message has previously been reported on the forum where previous versions of Windows have been used so it isn't just restricted to Win 10. If there is a definitive statement from Corel (Roxio) saying that NXT2 Pro WILL NOT work using Windows 10 then fine I will buy a product that will. In the meantime I will search for any fixes that anyone has discovered.
  3. The list of Corel products ready for Windows 10 quotes NXT3 because that is the latest version. It does not state that NXT2 is NOT compatible. I don't want to buy NXT3 since there is no functionality in it that I need over and above that in NXT2. I just want a working version of NXT2.
  4. I am confused - according to the Windows site http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/compatibility/CompatCenter/ProductDetailsViewer?Type=Software&Name=Roxio+Creator+NXT+Pro+2&ModelOrVersion=15&Vendor=Roxio&Locale=1033%2C2057%2C3081%2C4105%2C16393&LastSearchTerm=&BreadcrumbPath=Photo+%26+video%7CCD%2FDVD+utilities%7C&TempOsid=Windows+10 NXT2 is compatible screen shot attached
  5. I realize that I am not the first to have encountered this error, however I have searched the forum and cannot find a fix for it I am running NXT 2 Pro which I purchased in August 2014. At that time I had a PC running Windows 7 (64 bit) and everything was working fine. In July this year like many others I succumb to the hype of Windows 10 and duly upgraded my PC to the new OS. There have been a few issues running some applications but to date all have been fixed, until now. Whenever I try to create a movie DVD or iso file the dreaded error 8004520c is displayed and the application fails. I have checked with Microsoft and they state that NXT2 is compatible. I have also checked the Windows 10 forums and no-one to date has reported an issue with it. In desperation I have totally uninstalled ALL of the Roxio applications and started again with a clean install, just in case the upgrade to Win 10 was the culprit, BUT no the same error is encountered. Since the error message doesn't give a clue as to the problem it has encoding the movie, I am as a last resort asking for help from the community that will result in a fix that will make the product usable again. Fingers crossed. mike