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    Installation Issue

    I went through the log and discovered that it was error 1603 causing me the issues. my laptop is newer and doesnt have a dvd drive, so i use an external drive. my computer wouldnt copy the installation dvd contents so i used a desktop computer to copy the contents of the disc onto a usb flash drive. i had to monitor the transfer as i needed to click "retry" a couple times in order to keep the transfer going. once i got the dvd contents on my flash drive, i put it into my laptop and ran the installation from the flash drive and it worked right away. hope this helps someone
  2. Moore MM

    Installation Issue

    issue resolved
  3. While installing NXT3, i keep getting the 'interrupted' issue. i have reviewed the knowledgebase and the suggestions haven't worked. i tried copying the contents of the DVD onto my computer but it will not copy over. The furthest it has gotten is 9%, then just stops copying. i have a Dell intel core i7-4510 cpu @ 2.00 GHz, 16 GB Ram. my computer has all the required updates. i was able to install the dvd copier and backup functions separetly, but am stuck on the actual program. it was purchased at bestbuy so a refund will not be an option for me I am trying to copy directly from the installation DVD that came with the software i have attached one of the many log files. thank you