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  1. Thanks. I'll review the NXT product.
  2. Notice no "guru" in my tag line so i may be prone to mistakes. Is any one software better than the others based on your experience?
  3. Correct. I made most of the DVDs and some were created when I had old 9mm film converted by a 3rd party. In any case, the DVDs are mine and not subject to copyright. So from the comments provided, I take it no one has actually done what I'm looking to do. I could try the "convert/copy" software but was hoping to eliminate trial and error should it not work... Thanks for the comments.
  4. I made most of the DVDs from my home VHS movies via a combined VHS/DVD player-recorder. I looked at some "free" software but the couple tried didn't work and also loaded my PC with questionable pop-ups, and who knows what else. That's why my original post queried if the Roxio would work or some other. I don't mind paying for software that will do what needs to be done.
  5. Are there any other forums beyond this one where I might get some advice on how to convert the files?
  6. Right, home generated VHS tapes (and acutally some older 9mm) that were converted to DVDs. Now I want to play them on a smart TV as mp4 or AVI using a flash drive via USB port. In the future, I may get educated enough to connect the TV to a PC over Ethernet to play them from the PC hard drive. But for now, baby steps...
  7. Not sure how to just use Windows. The TS flles were generated when I had family VHS tapes converted to DVDs.
  8. I'm looking for a reputable software (i.e. one without malware, pop-ups, etc.) free or for purchase that will allow me to convert my family DVD videos (Audio_TS and Video_TS files) to mp4 or avi to be copied to flash drive for playback on my smart TV. Will "copy and convert" do this or is there some other software I should be looking at?