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  1. Philip Rand

    Operations' Problems With Tt 16

    Having operated happily with Toast Titanium through 11, 12, 14 I am having a lot of trouble with 16. For the moment. I experimented with burning two files from my movies folder that I had transcribed in the past: one m4V and the other 4mpeg. File 1 played, file 2 got me an error message regarding an incompatible format. I had already succeeded in getting the 2 files into iPAD Pro. What has happened to toasting?1
  2. Philip Rand

    Toast Records Microphone Content Only

    On iMac 27" Yosemite - 2014 with toast Titanium 14 - I have tried to record from the web. When and if a recording succeeds, it also contains the environmental noise (my voice, noises, etc.) The audio function doesn't seem to give me any other options but Microphone or Sunflower. What am I doing wrong? (I'm not quite sure what Sunflower is).
  3. Philip Rand

    Toast Audio

    Toast Assistent's audio function in my Toast 14 (not Pro) simply crashes when I try to record from the computer.