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  1. People, there is no need to get nasty. Do you two do this often? Can one of you tell me where I can confirm that there is no reinstall limit? I might want to try one more time but only if it is safe. I am quite satisfied using Ulead VideoStudio for my video editing. The rest of Creator NXT seems to be working fine. After one more try I will close this thread and maybe open a new one about the Video problem.
  2. Everything seems to be working except the Video editor. Keep getting the "Error:Unable to set up video objects" error message. I will keep searching this forum but so far the suggested fixes didn't work. I am concerned about reinstalling. I read that there is a limit on the number of times you can reinstall and I don't want to end up with nothing when at the moment I have about 80% functionality. Is there a way to tell how close to the reinstall limit I am at?
  3. Thanks for replying to a question about such an old product. I tried manually removing most references to Roxio in the registry. I was able to get the Install program to ask for the license key, which it had not been doing, but when the install was finished there was not trace of Creator NXT in the Start menu or on the desktop. So I basically made things worse. I have restored the deleted registry entries and restored Roxio program files from my backup drive. I have most of the system working so I think I will leave it alone and maybe look at different solutions for why the Video editor is not working. I am attaching a new screenshot. I suspect that the install failed because I forgot to turn off Norton Anti-Virus. I tried to upload the install log but this system won't let me upload a .log file.
  4. I was having trouble with the video editor so I uninstalled Roxie Creator NXT and deleted all of the Roxio directories I could find on my hard drive. When I reinstalled creator NXT, all of the video tools were gone. They are not on the home screen or in the menus. As far as I know there were only two disks in the box. One for Creator NXT wnd one for paintshop, which I don't want to install. I can't figure out how sections of the program could be missing when the rest of it seems to be fine. Any suggestions? Screenshot and dxdiag are attached. DxDiag20151002.txt