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  1. Thank you Jim_Hardin and Brendon for your feedback. I have previously saved as ISO, but never knew what to do with it thereafter. Didn't realise a player could replicate menus as per DVD. I will give this a go. Kind regards.
  2. Hi All, I have Roxio 2010 which has served me well thus far. At present, I create projects with menus/video clips etc and burn to DVD. Now, rather than distirubute by DVD, is there a way that the project can be saved in a particular format for use on PC/mobiles etc so that the original menus and so forth still remain? Someone asked me to send them a project via email and it got me thinking if this was possible. Many thanks and regards.
  3. Oriox

    .dmsd File Conversion

    Hi myguggi, Many thanks for replying and my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I understand what you are saying so thanks for the info. What I am trying to achieve is this. When burning a project to DVD, it is formatted in such a way that you can click/navigate through menus and select clips etc. I would like to achieve the same concept but as, say, a file format which can be played on a PC with the same functionality as if it were burned on a DVD. Is this possible? Many thanks again for your feedback.
  4. Hi all, So I've created a simple .dmsd project with a couple of menus. Rather than burn to disc, is there a way to convert this so that it can be played on pc's, phones etc? I currently have Roxio 2011. Many thanks in advance.