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  1. I recorded a 3 hour and 48 minute VHS tape. When I go to the Export screen, the file in the video list has a warning about video length, but the file is greyed out and the split button has disappeared. I have tried all variations of check-marking auto-fit and span but nothing changes. This did not occur with my 2 hour VHS tape. I have attached a photo of my screen. Any thoughts? Is a nearly 4-hour video just too much for the software to handle? Thanks in advance!
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    Split Button Disappeared

    Wow! Thank you so much for that breakdown. I'll let you know how I do.
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    Split Button Disappeared

    Thanks for the response! I only have a 4.6GB disc at this time so I will have to manually split. I am unaware of the procedure. Thanks for any help! The video is actually one long clip from a VHS tape. It is saved as "Italia and More 2" because it is VHS tape #2. I'm not sure why I have a (1) there as well. I must have duplicated a file title. Still getting used to the process.