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  1. Guru, We are loading one video from the RGC recording into the production. The video is added to track 1. No other media is added, nor any other effects. The original track was 20 minutes, but I was able to trim the file down to 30 seconds and still capture the hang up. As I investigate and think on this further, it occurs to me that the issue may be at the RGC, perhaps in the connections. Would that make sense?
  2. I accidentally hit the Solved button. Also been away for a week, so just now getting back to this. Guru, Thanks for the clarification of the USB. I forgot that part. Moving the RGC away from heat did not work, nor did the defrag (this laptop defrags weekly, there was only 1% fragmented when I ran it). Rephrasing 2nd "+": When in VideoWave, we load the Production and add the video capture file. If we hit play and let it run, we are able to watch and hear the video. It will get stuck at a given point, while the audio will continue. It is possible to slide the play tracker icon/cursor to a point further in the video timeline. When we move the cursor past the sticking point, the video will resume playing, though the audio is then out of sync. I have tried saving in different formats and playing with different players and they all do the same thing, stop playing the video at the sticking point while the audio continues.
  3. Thanks for the input Guru, Let me provide a few more details in order to help with the feedback: + we record directly to the laptop from the RGC device, so no USB unit is used + in preview mode, we are able to advance ahead of the stopping point and the video will continue to play from there to the end. Unfortunately, we are not able to advance in Export mode, so the output gets hung. Since the video will play beyond a stopping point in preview mode, I don't believe there are any issues in capturing the video. We have over 100 GB available in the hard drive space, so that is not an issue. Your idea about defrag makes total sense, as the capture can easily write over any open hard drive space, however on playback, the reading of those spaces could get interrupted. We will try to defrag the hard drive and see if that helps. While I don't think we have any issues with capturing the video, will move the RGC device away from any heat source to see if that helps too. I will respond with results. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  4. Platform: Roxio Game Capture, running on a HP 255 (64 bit-Quad core, 1.5Ghz, 4GB RAM with Radeon HD Graphics). Issue: Playing video about 2 minutes into the video, the video pauses and the audio continues. On Export (since upload to YouTube has never worked), preview will do the same, but will finish with no errors. On exported video file playback, the video plays until the same spot the video hung on preview, while the audio continues. Steps taken thus far: Switched render from hardware to software Completed a repairof the software installation Installed the patch - was hoping it would also fix the YouTube issue (it did not) We have had the software for well over a year, with no issues whatsoever. About 2 months ago, my son discovered the issue. I hoped that upgrading to Windows 10 might help resolve the issue - but it has not. I browsed through this forum to see if anyone else had the issue, with only a few others reporting it. Their resolutions do not apply to this situation, so hoping someone else can suggest other possible solutions.