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    El Capitan And Toast 12

    That's really good news! My iMac is the 21.5" model that came just after yours, and I've been sticking with Mavericks purely because of Toast 12. The burn speed doesn't matter too much to me, as my main interest is music not video. I'll certainly try El Cap now.
  2. Moselakatse

    Spin Doctor Incompatible Above Mac Os 10.7

    I use iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner which has a superbly easy interface that makes Audacity look really complicated. Unfortunately it is no longer marketed by iZotope but you can still buy new boxed copies from Amazon. They are less than £30 (UK) and absolutely worth it for the time saved and ease of use over Audacity - and the results are excellent too. My own theory is that iZotope withdrew it because its various editing functions are actually too good and therefore too close to their very professional applications made for recording industry users. These functions seem obviously based to some extent on the technology used in their pro apps. Another app I got recently is Audio Hijack which also has a brilliant interface for setting up your workflow, but I haven't tried the effectiveness of their noise removal for vinyl conversions yet.
  3. Moselakatse

    El Capitan And Toast 12

    Has anyone installed El Cap and tried out Toast 12 yet? Toast 12 has been reported to work OK in Yosemite, but I'll be going from Mavericks straight to El Capitan, which seems to be more of a "service pack" for tidying up Yosemite, rather than a radically new and different release like Lion and Yosemite were. So presumably it may still work, with a large bit of luck?