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    Fail To Burn The Disk

    Tried cooling no change. Somewhat confused what to try next any ideas?
  2. smitty115

    Fail To Burn The Disk

    I followed the instructions and the update failed with the message "Setup has determined that your cofiguration does not support any of the included products." I noticed that the upgrade was marked as a critical update for Dell - which I do not Have. Many Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. At the outset – I am pretty computer illiterate. I purchased Creator 2012 a year ago and had no problems moving various video files to DVD DL. I recently developed a problem when recording a DVD on MY DVD – essentially failure to burn the coded video on the Disc. I just upgraded to Creator NXT3 and had the same result. Here’s my sequence: Video/Movies >Create DVDs > 2D > Standard DVD >Add Movie > select movie > Burn the encoding, etc., on completion the panel shows 100% complete but has the following error message “Roxio failed to burn the disc (extended error 0X800041024)”. Failure ocurred a number of times. Following the support information supplied on site, I then did a burn to ISO on MY DVD and when completed I right clicked on the ISO symbol and selected Burn with Creator. End result a perfect DVD. As a confirmation I repeated the process with the same image and same type of disc and it failed as per before. Then tried a new image and new disc and it was fine. As you can imagine I have gone thru’ a number of DL discs with a high probability of failure. Any ideas as to the problem??