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    Photoshow Will Not Open With Windows 10

    Okay, I will again explain how I got Photoshow to work and still working, but it takes some work. I initially backed up all my files to another drive, formatted my hard drive, and then reinstalled Windows 8. Do not install all of the Windows updates right away, you have to find out which ones will kill your photoshow. Do not install Windows 10, it will kill your Photoshow. Once you have downloaded your Photoshow (The online version doesn't work all that great, so download the Roxio Photoshow 6 from your online software downloads in "My Account" section. Now turn off your automatically download and install function in your Windows Updates and change it to "Check for updates, but let me decide to download and install" Go to your System Restore and Manually create a restore point. Now start installing your updates 10 at a time. After those 10 are installed and your computer has restarted check to see if your Photoshow still works. If it does, create a new restore point before downloading and installing the next 10 updates. Keep doing this until you find which updates kill Photoshow, restore your computer to the last restore point and right click and hide the offending update. Once you have all your Windows 7 or Windows 8 updates complete, the hard work is over. As new updates arrive, be sure to create a restore point before installing them and check if your Photoshow still works. Initially this takes awhile, but once you get the 200 or so updates cleared maintaining is routine. Works for me. Just remember to hide any Windows 10 updates.
  2. StephenKo

    Photoshow Issues With Windows 8

    I believe I found the solution! Roxio Photoshow will not work with Windows 10. I reverted back to Windows 8/8.1 and it worked fine until I did the Windows Updates. Once I did the updates (156 of them) the Photoshow window would not open or Windows crashed. I worked on this all day and found the culprit, and Roxio support doesn't even know this one. DO NOT install Windows Security Update (kb3087040) It will kill your Photoshow! I tested it by removing it and it worked again. All other updates worked fine. So your solution is: 1. Photoshow not working with Windows 10 2. When reverting back, do not install Update (kb3087040)