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  1. My client reported 2 weeks ago his Photoshow was crashing on startup. I got on and system-restored him back a coule of weeks. Working now. This is a Dell on 8.1. 2 days later, same problem. Now sys restore won't fix. After several hours of working on it over the net, I drove over and picked it up. Devoting most of this weekend to it, I finally gave up last night, decided to resort to the 'refresh to factory install' option on his Dell. It ran all night and when I checked this morning, it had reverted to the original 8.0. I installed RPS, and to my delight, it worked! (Finally). So, to get him back up to 8.1 snuff, I set it up for updates and let 'er go. 164 updates later, it says it's done. We're still not up to 8.1 yet. Prudently, before going to the 8.1 upgrade, I tried RPS just to be sure it's still working. NOPE! Broken again. Good LORD. Can't even imagine how many hours I have in this now... and I'm back to Friday afternoon again. Does this mean if he really really can't do without RPS, we just go back to 'no updates' version and turn off updates? Seems crazy, but he has over 400 shows and is too old to re-learn something else, he says. Any ideas?