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  1. This happens to me as well... I get about 46% through and my computer tells me to force quit apps to release memory. All that is open is MyDVD and Finder! I force quit finder but MyDVD has already stalled.


    Seems like a great product if it would just work. They got it to stop crashing with the latest update. Now this... Hopefully there is a fix to this.

  2. Installed Toast 14 on 10.10 and 10.11 and setup a project in MyDVD.


    Everything works great until I ask it to burn the disk. If I click the burn icon it will tell me to insert a disk. The disk is inserted and Mac OS sees it, even the Toast 14 Pro program sees the disk. MyDVD acts like there isn't a disk.


    When I click the "save" button to save the file as a .iso MyDVD crashes, every time.


    Ran software update on Toast and it says it is the latest version. Happens on both 10.11 and 10.10.