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    Mydvd Issues...

    I tried that but it did not work. I have questioned the customer support who asked for further information. In the meantime, Roxio just released Toast 14.1, with a new version 1.0 (1) - a strange version number- of MyDVD. And HALLELUJAH, I was able to create a disc image without crashing at 70 % of completion. But ALAS, when I tried burning a disc, it crashes around 78 %, thus freezing the Mac completely (Mavericks). So, Roxio is progressing, we just have to wait !
  2. Michel Aix

    Mydvd Issues...

    The same occurs to me, but with 10.9. Not only MyDVD crashes but in addition it freezes my Mac completely. There are too many complaints on this problem in this forum. Would by chance a kind Roxio staff member take some minutes to tell us whether this bug will be fixed and when ?