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    The program is not letting me create a slideshow. When I click on add pictures the program freezes. I decided to uninstall everything (thr program will not uninstall) and try to reinstall with the cd. The program freezes and in checking for a fix it only goes to triple scoop music for a fix. Do I need updates or a new CD???
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    ROxio Creator NXT Pro that is all the CD says. Ihave had a couple of error codes but generally the program just freezes when I try to "addphotos/videos" the first picture you put up. Error code- Runtime Error: Program...m Files\RoxioCreatorNXT.\Common\Rox\WizardLauncher14.exe Setup- Error attempting to read from source install database: C:\lynnm\A...|Roxio Content 14.msi Setup - Errorattempting to read from source install database: C:\I...\Triple Scoop Music Nxt.msi These happened when I attempted to reinstall the program from the CD and I had tried to uninstall the original but it doesn't seem to let me. Project I was working on - Dowloaded a video from my video camera and made a dvd of the video (this worked fine), decided to make a slide show of the pictures that were taken that day as well. After selecting slideshow on the options the option came up to add pictures. I selected that option and the program froze. Tried this a couple more times, same response. The pictures were coming from external hard drive, I have done this many times before but all of a sudden things are not working. I completed the video without the slideshow because the pictures would not come into the project. No changes that I am aware of. Operating System - Windows 7 -Service pack 1 Make: Lenovo Model ThinkCentre Video Card -N/A Processor Speed - AMD Phenom II x4 B95 Processor 3.00 GHZ RAM: -4.00GB Free Hard drive space - 3.25 usable space Not sure on the update
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    Roxio Creator NXT Pro I can download a video and burn it as a Dvd but I can't dowload pictures and create a slideshow. The program freezes when I try to add photos for a slideshow.