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  1. Beetsy

    Burning Photoshows

    I am also confused. What is the desktop version. I downloaded the version from the Account page, Software Downloads (desktop and mobile applications). The screen you sent is what I had in the past. I no longer get that screen. The screen I get now has these options Post to Facebook, email to friends and family, Post to your web page or blog. Also, has the option to save to mp4 video. I hope I have not confused things even more. Share your PhotoShow with friends and family.You can also view your show here. Post to Facebook Email to friends & family Post to your web page or blog
  2. Beetsy

    Burning Photoshows

    I actually have Photoshow Premium. I do have Windows 10 also. The show is downloaded to computer. The Photoshow program works, I do not have a share option, just an email option, no option to convert. Have an option that Roxio will convert to MP4.
  3. Beetsy

    Burning Photoshows

    Could you please explain how to convert the Photoshows to video files. Thanks for your help.
  4. Beetsy

    Old Photoshows Availability

    Cannot locate any old Roxio Photoshows. Been a member for several years and cannot locate shows from years past. Only most recent shows are available. Does anyone know if these are available, and if so, how to access them
  5. Beetsy

    Burning Photoshows

    I am unable to burn photoshows to DVD. This has always been a feature of Photoshow Premium.
  6. Is it possible to access previous or archived photoshows. Cannot find older photoshows. How long are they available?