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  1. hello there, I just bought the software pro hoping I could use it to trim a video clip with mov extension. I finished with the instalation and when I click on editing video the first problem I have is that it does not recognize my video resolution and says that I need to have a resolution of 1024x768 or higher and at least 16 bit color or higher. However, my video display resolution is a lot higher than these... so first disappointment... as I am not able to get through this problem I ended up changing the resolution to the one referred. This worked in my surface pro, but did not work in my hp pavilion laptop. In the surface I was then able to open my *.mov file and play but had NO SOUND - even so I kept going hoping hat could save my trimmed clip which would then have sound... good try - NO SOUND at all!? I saved to avi and mpg4 as well as directly to youtube - no luck with any I have now spent a lot of time of this and am very disappointed. Please let me know how to fix this problem as when |I play the filw with my quicktime software it plays beautifully in any computer. I am considering to return this software as it does not work for me just gives me frustration.