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    Nxt4 Not Installing (Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit)

    I've decided to arrange for a refund of my purchase price. Roxio customer support was not helpful.
  2. mrpiecjohnson

    Nxt4 Not Installing (Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit)

    Shall do...Installation Log Files.zip
  3. I have tried eight separate times to install NXT4 onto my home-built PC with no luck. I received a note from a support tech at Roxio to create a new account and install it from there. I have done so, and I am still without an installed Roxio product and now with fewer install chances (I understand that I get ten tries). I shouldn't have to do that in order to install this product. I can upload log files if needed, but some of them are rather large. Please help!