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  1. MustBJones

    Changing parameters in Convert tab

    I have been going round and round with tech support over this issue. I cannot get a straight answer on why I am unable to change parameters. First it was re-install (again and again.) Latest is send in system dumps. The question I originally asked was where is the "Options" button described on the help page (see Screenshot1) because I do not see anything (see ScreenShot2.) I have asked for the tech support person to send ME a ScreenShot of what/where the Options button is. All I hear back is crickets.
  2. MustBJones

    File growth

    Story to keep bothering everyone but this whole situation is driving me crazy. I finally got Toast18 working sort of. Now Toast says that a file that is 20Gs on the hard drive will take up 112Gs on the disk. This file was encoded with ProRes422. The same video encoded with .H264, 1.96Gs in size on the hard drive grows to the same size-112Gs. Since I am trying to make a BD, final encoding is MPEG-4 How can this be? Thanks.
  3. MustBJones

    Apple ProRes

    I have to walk-back my walk-back. Today Toast 18 will bot recognize either ProRes422 or .h264. Nothing had changed from yesterday. I am at my wits end because I don’t know the problem so I can’t fix it.
  4. I don’t really know the answer but I am speculating that both programs are re-encoding the video and thus making it smaller (size ways) and more choppy.
  5. MustBJones

    There is Nothing To Record

    I get the same issue. It happens to just one file. I don’t know why though. I can add two or three files before this particular one. The size of the disk being used growers but when I add this particular file the disk size reverts to 904kb and there is nothing to burn. The encoding is ProRes422. A side note, burning the same files (well not quite the same upgraded to 422HQ) burns without a hitch.
  6. MustBJones

    More themes

    Is it possible to buy more themes for both Toast and MyDVDPro?
  7. MustBJones

    Apple ProRes

    422HQ worked fine also. So go figure.
  8. MustBJones

    Making Blu Ray disk

    I found the drop down menu in the upper left-hand corner. I selected Blu-Ray and the coding changed to MPEG4.
  9. MustBJones

    Apple ProRes

    I must walk back my question. A friend on another forum ran a test for me. He exported from FCPX 10.4.6. His version of Toast was 12. He had no issue with that version of Toast and ProRes 422LT. So I did the same no issue either and I am on Toast 18. Ran the test again using just 422. No problem either. One more test using 422HQ.
  10. MustBJones

    MyDVDPro encoding

    Does MyDVDPro automatically encode videos even if it is in MPEG4 format?
  11. MustBJones

    Apple ProRes

    Thanks. I am using Toast 18. Yes I had no issue with .h264.
  12. MustBJones

    Apple ProRes

    I think Toast does not like these codecs. Can anyone confirm?
  13. MustBJones

    Making Blu Ray disk

    Thank you. But the only way I can find to set the codec to MPEG-4 is to select HD Video. Is this the only way?
  14. MustBJones

    Making Blu Ray disk

    I have gone through the instructions for making a Blu Ray disk. In trying to make one, at the bottom drop down menu I selected “BD.” If I look at the bottom right-hand corner if the application window it states that the encoding is MPEG-2. I thought Blu-Ray was MPEG-4. The only way I can change this is in the drop down menu in the Options pane. If I go from DVD video to HD video then the codec changes from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4. But HD video is not the same as Blu-Ray. Should I be concerned or not. I have a Blu-Ray player hooked to my television.
  15. MustBJones

    Chapter Titles

    How do I add a title to my Chapter marks? I see no way. Makes the menu on the DVD almost worthless if I cannot label the different Chapters