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  1. dcortesi

    New version here

    So could anyone confirm: with 17 it is still the case, that the only way to see what your DVD/Blu-ray will look like, menus and all, is to go through the complete rendering and burning process to create a DVD (or disk image of one)? Also, would a mod like to change this forum's subtitle from "questions for Toast 16" to "17"?
  2. dcortesi

    New version here

    I've got Toast 15 (I think? 14?) Pro and I would upgrade in a blink ... IF I thought they had added the one feature it so badly lacks: The ability to preview a DVD/Blu-Ray without going through the complete Burn process!
  3. I prepared a .disc file with a list of videos captured by ElGato EyeTV. Toast is happy with these files and lets me edit them for start and end times. But when I go to compile the video -- either with Save As Disc Image, or with Burn -- the progress dialog comes up and shows "preparing" and "Multiplexing" for various segments but quickly ends with the message, Could not record the disc because of a Mac OS Error Result Code = -208 The secret here is that Mac OS result code -208 means "invalid file format". What Toast is unable to explain (despite the fact that people were reporting this problem as far back as Toast 7 in 2009!!) is that the video encoding used by EyeTV is not compatible with writing to disc. The solution is to go to the Customize dialog, Disc tab, and change Reencoding from "Automatic" to "Always". This forces Toast into the very time-consuming step of re-encoding each video to the target format (MPEG-4). That eliminates the error. Toast, you could have told us this. Or, you could recognize when re-encoding is needed and done it, instead of making me specify it.
  4. dcortesi

    How To Preview A Video Disk?

    This problem continues with Toast Titanium 14.2. NOTE: >> When the format as set in the dropdown menu in the upper left is "High Definition DVD-Video" << then the folder created by File > Save As Disc Image can be mounted, but cannot be played back by any software included with Toast Titanium, or any app included with Mac OS. HOWEVER: >> When the format is set to just "DVD-Video" (without the "High Definition"), the encoded disc image CAN be played by the Mac OS "DVD Player.app". Note that the "encoding" stages for the lower format take several times as long as the "encoding" for the High Definition disc format. Go figure. There is still a problem: If you control-click the new diskname.toast file and select Services> Mount It (the Roxio disk mounting service installed as part of Toast), you get an error message saying "The disc can't be used because the disc drive is not supported (error code 0x80020025). This is only a minor problem because you can simply double-click the diskname.toast file and the DVD Player.app launches and plays the video.
  5. dcortesi

    How To Preview A Video Disk?

    On page 26 of the User Guide (http://help.roxio.com/toast/v14/main/en/user-guide/toast-14.pdf) it says you can preview a Video project by using File > Save As Disc Image. This takes quite a long time (same time as actually burning a disc, or nearly), but ends up creating a diskname.toast folder. Then you are told to use Utilities > Mount Disc Image. The diskname.toast folder now appears as a mounted volume both in the sidebar of a Finder window and on the desktop. It contains two items, a file named "BDMV" with the QuickTime logo on it, and a folder named "CERTIFICATE". The manual now says "Use the DVD player software... to preview the DVD." In fact the DVD Player app says "There was a problem opening the media. The media type is not supported." If I try to open the "BDMV" file by double-clicking it, the QuickTime Player app says only "Cannot open." This is Mac OS 10.10.5, Toast Titanium 14.0.