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    Xbox One "no Signal"

    Rather, the video playback seems to try to combine all the screens into one screen as it captures. For example, if my controller is highlighting a "1" for 5 seconds, the recording it perfect. Then, if I move my controller cursor to highlight a "2" elsewhere on the screen, the capture flashes quickly between stages of "1" and "2", and it continues to do this for each change in the video. By the time I've scrolled through several "numbers", the capture displays all of those individual stages in one screen. (Hope this makes sense)
  2. Drayden

    Xbox One "no Signal"

    UPDATE: I found another USB cable and used it, got a green Ready signal and managed to record a few minutes of a game. However, when I watched the recording back, the visual was very pixellated. I can try to upload it to Youtube if you'd like to see what I mean. Anyway, here are the tests I did with the old USB cord, before I found the new one: My Resolution is set to 1080p and my TV Connection is set to HDMI. I checked both a blu-ray player and DirecTV box, and both gave red No Signal messages, and neither appeared on the TV screen when fed through the RGC. The LED lights that indicate HDMI or YPbPr do not light up either.
  3. Drayden

    Xbox One "no Signal"

    By "correctly", I mean simply the two HDMI cords and the USB cord through the RGC device itself. The No Signal is red. I set the Xbox to "HDMI" per instructions from other threads, but that alone did not solve the problem, it seems. Thanks for the help. (The computer was used several years ago to make recordings, and I double checked that it still was meeting the requirements needed by the software as well)
  4. Drayden

    Xbox One "no Signal"

    I've looked through a few of the threads relating to Xbox One issues but haven't found anything that seems to help. I've got everything hooked up correctly. At one point last night I even had the feed playing on my TV (though the Roxio software still said "No Signal"). But today I can't get back to that stage. The software says No Signal. The TV screen does not have any input and gives me the "No activity, will turn off after 2 minutes due to inactivity" message. I don't know if this is related to HDCP, choosing the right Output in the Xbox, or what, but I've done enough research that I feel like I need some direct help at this point. Thanks!
  5. Drayden

    No Cd

    I purchased the HD Capture several years ago, but I can't find my disc to install it onto a new laptop. I have the product registered, I bought it new from Amazon, and I used it for a while before forgetting about it, so everything should be fine, I just need the physical disc. Any way to go about getting a new one?