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    Merging Iso?

    Awesome, that is exactly what I was curious about. I was using the program as an example, I am doing the same for Windows, all of this project is done on a PC rather than a MAC also. Regardless, you answered my question for me! Thank you very much.
  2. AlexanderTech

    Merging Iso?

    Hello everyone, It is my first time here and I am actually trying to create a digital media library for the cloud. I am curious if it is possible / or if I even need to merge software files. For example, say I am creating an image for Apple's Final Cut Studio that has 3 discs for application. Do I need to leave these three ISO's separated (1. Setup 2. Application 3. Content) or is there a way to tie them together? It's my first time doing this so I am trying to experiment with Roxio. Thanks for the help guys!