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  1. jmcgill

    Toast 14 Crashes On Every Burn

    I agree with you. Anyway, final update: I requested and got a refund for my "upgrade." No more Toast Titanium 14 in my house.
  2. jmcgill

    Toast 14 Crashes On Every Burn

    Follow-up on my previous message: I received an email from my "support" rep time-stamped 1:53 a.m.---more than five hours after I emailed that I had received no contact to initiate the desktop session. He/she said he/she had sent a link to initiate the session, and that it must have gone into a spam folder. No emails were in my spam folder this morning, and I find it odd that every other email from the "support" person except that one has come through. I have requested a refund for this broken "upgrade." I'm done with this company's ineffective, non-responsive "support."
  3. jmcgill

    Toast 14 Crashes On Every Burn

    Sorry to hear that. And my "support" person has been silent since last Thursday. I'm disappointed I spent the money, too.
  4. jmcgill

    Toast 14.1 Update Has Been Released

    I learned just this week, while Googling around trying to resolve my own issue, that OSX has an "app nap" feature that reduces computing power to apps that seem to be idle. You can disable it in individual apps. Go into to your Applications folder, then right-click on the Toast 14 app and select Get Info from the contextual menu that pops up. There will be a checkbox that says "Prevent App Nap." Check that. Maybe it will help.
  5. jmcgill

    Toast 14 Crashes On Every Burn

    I recently upgraded Toast Titanium 10 to 14 via download. I'm running Yosemite. I rarely had a problem with Toast 10, but Toast 14 will not complete a DVD burn without crashing. This happens whether I burn to a disc image or a DVD-R. I contacted technical support, and the only reply I received suggested trashing the Library's preference files. That didn't help, and I emailed that info back, with a copy of the error log that comes up every time I try to burn. There has been no response since. I contacted technical support again, asking for a more responsive rep, but after a no-reply email giving me a new case number, all I've had is more silence. The 14.1 update came out this week, so I tried downloading and installing it. It seemed to go okay, but at the end I got a window that said the update had failed. Toast re-launched anyway, and I got a couple of initial screens with my name and software number and the user agreement, so after clicking through those I checked for updates, and the message told me I was running the latest version. However, it still crashes every time, sometimes within a few minutes, sometimes after reaching far into the burn process. I have reset the Mac so it won't sleep during a burn, but that hasn't helped. So I have paid for an upgrade that has totally broken Toast for me, and technical support isn't even communicating with me. Can someone here offer further suggestions as to how I can get Toast 14 functional before I ask for my money back? I'd really like to get Toast working again, as it has been our go-to DVD burner for years.