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    Embedded Video

    This is the hand that is was dealt from previous webmaster. Some member had used it in the past and are still persistent in the use of it . And yes YOU TUBE is a option they have but why they don't wont to use it? your guess is as good as mine
  2. Blacktop Chasser

    Embedded Video

    So here is the deal we have embedded videos. We can currently access these through a CDN. Like this http://cdn.photoshow.com and it still works, but now that we are a secure site the link set up in the bbcode is a insecure url. When ever they use that through the embedded video it show up as insecure, they can allow access to it through there web browser. Is there any way to correct his problem on the website end? Like a secure CDN to go through, that will connect to photoshow? Or some other way to display embedded videos that are created on Roxio?