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  1. Appears to have been fixed. MS would NOT allow me to upgrade to 8.1 but would allow upgrade to 10. Go figure. My computer would not install 10.0 when it was 8.1 but will when it is 8.0? Tried Creator with 10 and it works again. Thanks guys!
  2. I had Windows 8.1 but when computer re-installed, I only have Windows 8.0.
  3. I am using Creator NXT Pro2. Had a problem with my system acting up and had to reinstall Windows. After re-installing Pro 2, it will not play video. Can hear audio if added. Computer says "The current Production is empty or contains invalid files" The problem is that the previous productions were produced using Pro 2 and will not play video and new productions will not play video (using jpeg or videos). I am using "Edit Video - Advanced" same as previous person. Was this ever fixed?