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    Roxio Hd Pro Capturing On Macbook?

    Hello, i have been using the Roxio for several years now, however ive switched over to a Macbook Pro now and i wanted to know whether i can record using the Roxio on the mac, either with the original Roxio game cap software or any third party softwares which allow this. Any suggestions will be useful. Cheers
  2. Hello, i personally have tried the default roxio livestream capture however seems to be a little buggy for me, and i cant seem to get it to function properly everytime so i started using XSPLIT, directly adding the roxio screen (not through region record). Just offers few more features (no offense). I was wondering how i add audio, a stream is utterly pointless without any audio, takes out the viewers enjoyment. Any idea? Any suggestions is highly appreciable! ps i have tried to use VAC but i have no idea how to link it with roxio
  3. Woodsy

    Cant Capture Using Roxio Software

    Now i did exactly those steps and the setup.exe only installed few files, certificates, common, media import,share and uth5x. Nothing else is installed so i cant even launch the software
  4. Woodsy

    Cant Capture Using Roxio Software

    I have also re installed all of the microsoft C++ but nothing, when i click Capture nothing happens.
  5. Woodsy

    Cant Capture Using Roxio Software

    Yeh going to try this, when i also installed the Software i first had to install the install disc (digitally) however when i did install it, it wouldn't install all the required files so i had to install the update from the site which then adds everything back on (unusual way of installing) Now i go into the Media import folder to launch MediaCaptureGame1X and i get the error " Error: The application has failed to start because the side by side configuration is incorrect please see the application event log or use the command line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail"
  6. Woodsy

    Cant Capture Using Roxio Software

    Hello! I have a problem with the HD pro software, previously it has been working fine, i have been using the Roxio product for youtube content for the past several years, however few days ago i made a mistake somehow and now the software does NOT work. i re installed it and now i get this, "Critical Registry Keys Needed For This Application Missing" - I successfully installed it but the capture wont open, i went on control panel, double clicked to repair and it says locato Roxio game capture hd pro.msi Please support