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    Suffering A Few Issues

    Well, did everything you said. Now it's saying "Capture Device Removed". Even though the Device is clearly connected to my laptop.
  2. Andrew Eden-Balfour

    Suffering A Few Issues

    Yeah, it appears as though for some reason my Roxio Game Capture Pro HD is now deciding to go ghost on me, which is weird because I haven't had any problems with it back when I last used it in September. Here are the problems. Whenever I start up the program, I always get the unknown capture error sign. So right off the bat I am unable to do anything, and it appears as though there are no input options available for some strange reason. The second problem I am facing is that sound is no longer coming out of my TV, despite there being visual. Here's the weird thing though, this problem only seems to be effecting whenever I hook up the Wii U, as the other systems that use HDMI seem to be working fine. Any idea what is causing these problems?