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    Passthrough Image Does Not Fit The Screen

    I have a Sony Bravia W-Series TV and couldn't find anything in the setting that made a difference. I'll try the splitter next, just need to go get one. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. Hello. This is my 1st time on these forums. I recently bought a Roxio HD Capture Pro and its working great with one exception. The image that gets output to the TV is larger than the image that is going into it. I've got my PS4 connected through HDMI to the capture card then HDMI going to my TV from the Capture Card. If I play games, such as Destiny, the icons on the edges of the screen are going off the sides of the screen while I'm connected to the capture card. If I plug my HDMI cable directly to TV without changing anything then everything is displayed correctly. I've looked at the preview image through the roxio and everything it is capturing is exactly as it should be, Icons slightly off the edges not going off the screen. Is there some setting I'm overlooking in the Capture Card that is affecting its output image size? Its only the output to my TV that is having issues and being larger than it should be. Any help will be appreciated.