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  1. I can restore from BackOnTrack file backups that I previously made, but when I try to create a new one from my computer's SSD (from which I backed up previously), I get an error of "Can not Find Backup" . Does anyone know what this means or why it started occurring? Thank you in advance for any information on this.
  2. Update: I repaired installation, did not work, uninstalled and reinstalled BoT through setup, did not work, did another repair and it is fixed. I include this information instead of deleting message so maybe the process will help someone else who runs into this. It is a new computer and I've been installing programs and something in BoT must have gotten corrupted. Use the options I did for correcting.
  3. I have been using NXT4 Back On Track (BoT) with no problems on a new computer I have with a 512gb SSD. I back up to a WD 1tbPassport. In case it matters, the BoT sees the Passport both as a removable drive or another hard drive. I removed one of the older backup sets from a RProject folder on the backup drive as I have always done to make more space available on the backup drive. After that, when I attempt to do a Content Backup I get a "Cannot access Backup" error and the backup fails. Why is this happening? The backup I removed is permanently deleted because of long file names. I have always been able to delete an older backup set on my failed older computer with a mechanical hard drive and then continued to run successful content backups. Also, the Restore sees the existing backups, but still sees my deleted backup, not sure why. Any help or insight would be much appreciated. Than you, RobL12
  4. RobL12

    Back On Track backwards compatibility

    Thank you all. I agree that the latest is not the best. With a brand new system, there were no backups to find on the main hard drive after installing NXT 6 and the NXT 4 backups on the removable drive were not seen. Also I had the problem of getting empty folders on trying a backup with NXT 6. All is well now with back to using and staying with NXT 4. Thanks again!
  5. RobL12

    Back On Track backwards compatibility

    Thank you for your time. I had routine backups of items checked (documents, pictures, music, etc) in the Back On Track program from NXT 4 that I could not see on the backup media used when I installed NXT 6 with Back On Track. Also, I tried a routine backup in NXT 6 that came out mostly empty, files missing as in the Desktop or Documents folders. I am working with a new computer and decided to just delete NXT 6 and go back to NXT 4 and now all is fine. I can do the backups with all the files present in them and see older backups. I just got fed up with NXT 6 and got a refund. Both versions were Pro and I am satisfied with NXT 4. I hope this information helps. Incidentally, I have an SSD in my new computer and when I plug in my 1 Tb USB backup drive, which is probably a form of SSD, Back On Track sees it as both another hard drive and a removable drive. Could your NXT 6 see NXT 4 backups and did it perform complete My Data backups with all files present? Also I never did a complete system backup (Entire Computer), just My Data backups. All work is on the latest Windows 10 Home versions.
  6. I was told both in a saved chat and from product representatives that Back On Track in NXT 6 would be backwards compatible with backups made in NXT 4. They are not recognized in NXT 6. I will probably have to completely delete NXT 6, get a refund and reinstall NXT 4 to be able to access my important backup data from NXT 4. Any input on this?