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  1. well i am haveing the "virtual function call error r6025" along with "cannont read memory x__________" and cannot write memory x_______" three different dialoge boxes when i try to start dvd module from my dvd plus 7.0 home..... my laptop is only 4 months old so everything is up to date ,windows xp sp2 1024 ram AMD turion 64....vista compatable....
  2. Xwideout

    my dvd plus

    can anyone help me figure out why my dvd module wont start up from my digital media home
  3. Xwideout

    my dvd plus

    i get this error when i try to use sonic digital media? the main screen starts, then i click to start a new dvd project and nothing ever happens, til i close out the main screen. then it gives me the errors, that a certian "memory cannot be written" and then "one cannot be read" then it gives me an error "virtual function call" r6025? can any one help??