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    Also when I double click on the app that shows like the hard disc image it said "You can't open the application "Roxio Restore" because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.
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    Spanning Disc Image

    Hi, This is my first time here and despare to find some help with this problem. I burned lots of .mov files using Toast 7 back on 09' and after that I out the cds away until now. I am using mac with El Capitan, Toast Titanium 12. Bank on 2012 I try to upload one of the cd with the videos into my computer but the folder only said "my disc.spanned and the file still in QT .mov but the main name is " file name.spanned instead of file name.mov I try to open the file with other apps but nothing. Back in 2012 when I discover that problem I called tech support and they told me I need it to upgrade to the new version witch at that time was Toast Titanium12. I spend my money for nothing because it didn't work. If anyone out there can lead us in the right direction will be very appreciated. Thanks for reading