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  1. Hi Brendon. After getting through my problem above, I'm now experiencing a problem burning to a disc. In my first attempt there was an error (which I didn't write down). I ejected the disc and then reinserted it to see what (if anything) burned to the disc. Well, it wouldn't play on my PC, but it did on my DVD player. My second attempt with a different disc ended with an error code #8004520c "Error while encoding Movie 1" (different from my first attempt). I took a couple screen shots but I don't see anyway to paste/attach them to this post. Any thoughts? Thanks, Dave
  2. Worked perfectly Brendon. Thanks very much!
  3. Hi Brendon, and thanks for your prompt response. Well, I think I did exactly what you said and chose the higher HD format. I'm going to go back and convert it to the NTSC format and let you know the results. I owe you a BIG thank you if this solves my problem. Will let you know ASAP! Thanks again. Dave
  4. RE: Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning ver.14 Just purchased and installed this product. Finding my way through creating a project using MyDVD. I've got my menu and slideshow built, however I'm not able to Add a New Movie video file in WMV format. When I try, it tells me "The file you are trying to use cannot be edited, and has not been added". Why is this? I checked what video formats can be used and WMV is certainly one of them. However, under the Attributes column for the file I was trying to upload shows "No attributes available". Could that be my problem? What's an attribute? The original video file I'm using was in AVCHD format (which MyDVD doesn't use), so I converted it to WMV format using a program called ConverterLite v1.6. I'm not convinced ConverterLite is the problem since the same WMV file worked fine in Windows DVD Maker (except the burn process failed with that software). I'm not having any luck reaching Roxio Tech Support, so hopefully someone in this forum can help. This is a project I'm creating for my son's school and I was hoping to have it done by Nov 20th. I would be most appreciative of anyone's help through this hiccup. Thanks, Dave