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    Roxio 64 Bit

    I could only find one, so I toasted you and drank it.
  2. Uncle Ben

    Paint Shop Pro

    Likewise many other Corel users, I already have PaintShop X4... One would think that Roxio/Corel would give holders of PS X4 licenses a further break on the purchase price. Where PS X4 is a value added for those who don't already have it, that part of the content is redundant for users like myself; and yet. When PS X5 came out, I hesitated to upgrade or stay put. I stayed put and I'm glad I did.
  3. Well there was a performance hit, but then again I was using the software on a 6-year old computer; and there's no doubt that the new Dell XPS 8500 would likely perfrom much better. I think you've answered all my questions- thank you for taking the time and have a nice day.
  4. Uncle Ben

    Roxio 64 Bit

    Well, I stand corrected. This here also misled me: " New! Advanced multi-core acceleration: VideoStudio Pro X5 employs multi-threading to fully harness the processing power of today’s multi-core PCs. By assigning different software procedures to different cores, X5 generates speed gains that are significantly more pronounced than simply enabling the additional memory addressing capabilities of 64-bit systems." This is a quote from Corel's initial press release on VS X5. I understood this to mean, obviously erroneously so, that it was a 64-bit application. Would two lbs or rice make up for it?
  5. Uncle Ben

    Roxio 64 Bit

    No I can't. I a trial version, didn't like the UI, and got rid of it. And yes, I'm running Win 7 64 bit.
  6. Uncle Ben

    Roxio 64 Bit

    Hi guys. Yes, I was talking about the next version after NXT; and no I didn't realize the thread dated back to 2010, so you can cut a Rookie some slack on that one. I read a few recent threads over the last few days where people understate the merit of 64-bit applications. Notwithstanding that I picked a two-year old thread, the issue is still very much current; and since Corel already has a native 64-bit video suite in its arsenal, I doubt it will take two years for the next version to come out. I don't know where that 'two year' comes from, probably from Roxio's past practice; but at Corel, if you look and PaintShop Pro for example, software revisions are much more frequent. What I'd like to hear from my guru friends is constructive comments on the pros and cons of 64-bit applications ... Any thoughts!
  7. Uncle Ben

    Roxio 64 Bit

    Actually, Corel VideoStudio has two installation scripts: one for the 32-bit software, and the other for the 64-bit which indeed is a "100% 64 bit." There are also a few other non-Corel/Roxio apps out there >$99 that are pure 64-bit. I believe that that 64-bit apps will make a noticeable difference, especially if one is multitasking while a huge video file is being completed. That, to me, translates into an application that will run smoother, with no or fewer hiccups, and that's probably because the software is optimized to take full advantage of the latest crop of multi-core processors. I'd be willing to be that the next version of Creator will include a 64-bit installation script, keeping the software in step with VideoStudio.
  8. Perhaps you misread my post, or else I'm misreading your reply. I don't have NXT, I'm exploring the possibility of buying it because my current Easy Media Creator 9 is not on the MS Win 7 Compatibility list. ECM 9 on my old computer, in spite of sporatic stability issues (system crashes, wasting a lot of CDs and DVDs due to incomplete copying, etc.) overall I was happy with it. There were issues but they were sporadic in nature, as opposed to chronic. So I gather from your response that you have had no issues whatsoever with NXT or any previous releases -- that is no system crashes, so system performance slow down, nothing. Everything works fine, yes? Thanks for your help Jim.
  9. From my experience with earlier versions of Creator, this software could bring a system's performance down to a crawl, even when Creator isn't running. How about NXT -- any system peformance issues?
  10. Uncle Ben

    Runtime Error?

    I have been struggling with this Runtime error as well and have tried all the suggestions in this forum, all to no avail. Does anyone know how to fix this or is it a lost cause?
  11. Uncle Ben

    MS Installer errors

    Every time I rund Roxio ECM9 Home, System Information - Windows Error Reporting - shows the following error: MsiInstaller Detection of product '{1A15507A-8551-4626-915D-3D5FA095CC1B}', feature '_ISUS' failed during request for component '{D2D7B4BF-6CCA-11D5-8B3F-00105A9846E9}' Does anyone know what this is all about? I know that it's this application that's causing it, because the error appearing every time I run ECM9 HOme. TIA
  12. Uncle Ben

    Video DVD Encoding Problem....HELP ME.

    Well, well, well ... CDANTEEK and SKNIS, you've done it one more time. Tip #3 seem to have done the trick. Haven't researched this, just acted on faith, and it worked for the compilation ... Now, that I've done that, should I revert back to the former setting and let Windows do its job or just leave it alone. I'm just wondering if I screwed up anything by change this setting. And CDANTEEK, just curious, why are you using old CDs (CDAntique)?
  13. Uncle Ben

    Extracting still pictures from DVD

    Thanks SKNIS ... learning the hard way. Not easy at my age!
  14. I'm sorry if this is already covered in another thread - I checked, and checked and didn't see anything ... withing EMC9, is there an application that allows you to extract still pictures? I converted a bunch of family photos to DVD in order to be able to show the album on TV when we have visitors. I inadvertenly deleted the original folder on my hard drive that contained all the original jpegs. Is there a way to extract the jpegs from the DVD? TIA for you help!
  15. Uncle Ben

    Streaming video capture

    Yes, I've researched this and learned a lot over the last few weeks, experimented with various applications, none of which worked properly ...except: www.keepvid.com! Free, works like a charm!