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    Does Toast 14 Work Ok Under Os X10.11 ?

    Toast 14 is working for me on 10.11.1 (so I am counting myself as one of the lucky ones) but I was hoping for some bug fixes and refinement to the experience when I upgraded. I would stick with Toast 10 or 11 if I had to do it over again because I paid for an upgrade that didn't deliver a better experience.
  2. Bug Report: This has been an issue as far back as I can remember. It's in Toast 11 for sure maybe prior to that. I was hoping it would be corrected in Toast 14 but no dice. If the Toast team sees this report would you please add this to your bug list. Steps: 1. Setup a UDF Data disc (blu-ray HDMV in my case) and burn. 2. Upon completion Toast will update the size of the files to be burned, but at double the correct/original size. 3. You can't clear the miscalculation by removing the content and adding it again. You have to close Toast, restart the app and setup the disc again. Thank you,