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  1. Hi, I use Avery 5698 audio cd labels and I cannot find the template for this label. Also, I noticed that I was able to see time stamps next to songs I wrote on the audio cd template I see on the screen but when I attempted to create the actual label and selected Auto-fill from Disc, the time stamps do not appear. Is there a way to have them appear? I searched for options to add the time stamps but I don’t see any option to do this. Also, does anyone know if Roxio can print cd titles directly onto a cd as opposed to applying an adhesive paper label? Also, is there a way to center the titles? I just tried to center them after the auto fill from the disc, and there is no option to do this either. Thanks.
  2. Veets

    Ripping A Dvd Using Roxio Nxt

    Hi, Sorry, I checked Help and About and it has: Roxio Creator NXT Version number is; Build 140B36A, R03; 701B17A, R03 I just right clicked on it and was able to copy and paste the DVD into its folder. Thanks!
  3. Veets

    Ripping A Dvd Using Roxio Nxt

    Hi, I own the contents on the DVD so even with that, there is no function to rip a DVD? The only thing I can think of is the service may have put a lock on it but they charge too much for services.
  4. Hi, I had a service create an instructional DVD on playing guitar and wanted to have one scene ripped so that I can have this scene put up on a music website. I have Roxio NXT and tried Edit Video Advanced. I keep getting an error message that says the program is not working. Is this the right program for ripping the scene or do I need to do something different? I am on Windows 10. Thanks!!!