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  1. Holluable

    Issues Capturing From Ps3 And Ps2

    You already told me to use Revo in post number 6. Your instructions were exactly the same except for the Roxio updates part.
  2. Holluable

    Issues Capturing From Ps3 And Ps2

    Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to make an improvement. Just to be sure, your most recent reply gave me a process exactly like the one before it, aside from hitting "yes" for the updates. Was this what you intended? Also of note, whenever I use Revo properly and use Roxio's uninstaller before using Revo to clean up the scraps, things go back to my original problem (audio for just a moment and a black screen). When I close the Roxio uninstaller and just have Revo straight up delete everything, I get the audio and colored bars issue. Perhaps there's something that I'm just not doing correctly? Maybe I'm missing something? Thank you for all your replies so far.
  3. Holluable

    Issues Capturing From Ps3 And Ps2

    Progress!!! Now the audio stays on and there are colored bars for the picture. I did what you said, but I messed up the order on the end (I forgot to re-enable my anti-virus and firewall before rebooting, so I did that afterwards). Should I do it again but in the exact right order? Thank you for all your time! I'm sorry I'm so late, I have been terribly busy with work related stuff! ( PS. I don't have another video card and the Roxio card isn't on anything hot. )
  4. Holluable

    Issues Capturing From Ps3 And Ps2

    Okay, this time for the video card I installed something that removed all traces of the drivers. I then reinstalled my NVIDIA drivers with the "Express" option. I changed nothing and, unfortunately, this didn't change anything. I uninstalled the Roxio software from the D drive and installed it again to the C drive, but this didn't change anything either. (Still happy to rule it out as a potential issue though.) I installed Roxio on to my 6-year-old Windows 7 laptop, the very same one I recorded from years ago, and the preview came up perfectly. If it comes down to it, I suppose I could buy an external hard drive and record from this laptop, but the poor thing gets very hot and slow. I'd rather use the more powerful desktop. In the end, it's the same status: audio for a couple seconds then silence and a black screen. EDIT: I should also add that I even tried using a different USB port and playing with the PS2 display settings. I have no idea if this would be related to my problems but there was still no improvement. EDIT 2: I just tested an HDMI on the output side and the result didn't change.
  5. Holluable

    Issues Capturing From Ps3 And Ps2

    Hello Jim! Thank you for the suggestions and fast response! I checked my Device Manager and the driver appears to be there. For the Video Card software, I went to http://www.evga.com/support/download/, selected the 900 family for Windows 10 64bit, and clicked on the driver released on 11-19-2015. In the installation window, I selected Custom to deselect the 3D option (since I don't play games in 3D) and to turn on the option to perform a Clean Install (is this what you meant?). I reinstalled the Roxio software for good measure and I tested it with the PS2. I still seem to have the same issues (I have audio for a moment but it cuts off a second or two in, there's a black screen, and the program crashes when I press Start Capture). I don't know if this is relevant but usually, when I have to end the task in the processes pane, these processes stay open and must be closed separately: Something else I should mention, my OS is on the C Drive (SSD) and I install Roxio on the D Drive (HDD). Thanks again!
  6. Holluable

    Issues Capturing From Ps3 And Ps2

    Hello there. I hope it's alright to make a topic on this. I went through the posts and they seemed similar but I'm not entirely sure they're the exact same issues. I received a Roxio Game Capture HD PRO as a gift a couple of years ago. I remember I successfully had it working with my Playstation 2 because I had gotten some Devil May Cry footage. Time has passed since then and only recently did I decide to pull out the card again. Previously, I was using a Windows 7 laptop and, though the program seemed taxing, it got the job done. This time, I have a recently constructed Windows 10 desktop. Whenever I start the program while the PS3 is hooked up, the preview window shows picture and audio. However, when I hit capture it turns black and plays no sound. When I stop recording the program crashes. When I start with the PS2, the preview window only has audio for a brief moment, which it quickly cuts off. No picture ever shows and attempting to record crashes the program. I'm not sure what information you might need to help so I'll post what comes to mind for now. Roxio Installed from the disc and then all updates downloaded. Running as Administrator. Computer System Type: 64 bit Processor: Intel i7-5820k RAM: 16.0 GB Graphics Card: EVGA Geforce GTX 980 Hardware The gray component and audio wires are plugged into my tv. The black component cables plug into my PS3/PS2. The USB goes into my computer tower. Any help you can provide would be really appreciated! I've been trying to get this working for two days.