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  1. I shall give it a try tomorrow, thanks for the suggestion, I shall return with the outcome of the test, thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I recently decided I wanted to start live streaming some of the older guitar hero games from my 360 whilst I wait for a replacement guitar hero live controller. The issue im having with this is that my sound and image are distorted, I dont have this issue with the ps4. Any idea how to fix or resolve this? All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, Im looking to find a way to stream from the Game Cap Hd Pro whilst still being able to use my turtle beaches, I've looked for videos and such but not found anything helpful, any help is greatly appreciated also im using a ps4 along with the game cap hd pro.
  4. Hey guys, I recently bought a Game Capture HD Pro to use for streaming and gameplay capturing purposes. and I followed all the steps that Roxio have said to set it up with a PS4, but I'm getting no picture on my TV screen once its all connected. Anybody know what may be up and/or can help me solve this? any help is appreciated