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    Useful Manual For Mydvd

    Is there a useful manual available for MyDVD that actually provides helpful information such as: 1) what file types REALLY work in MyDVD 2) can you edit fonts 3) why does the layout shift when moving between screens You get my point.... Matt
  2. Post Pro

    Fcpx Output

    Well... I have spoken with one person in their support department and the answer was, wait for it...... "I don't know. We will open a support ticket to see if that information is available." What??????? Not a good sign...
  3. Post Pro

    Fcpx Output

    I am in the same boat and so are quite a few other people. No one seems to have an answer to the file requirements for MYDVD. Please... Anyone with Roxio care to put this information out there? .MOV extension is a bit ubiquitous. Such a simple bit of information, but no answers anywhere out there... Matt