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  1. We all know the problems we encountered with Toast Pro 18 such as not being able to burn a video file above MP4 quality, so has anyone bit the bullet and purchased V.19? I'm not going to tech support for Roxio this time. LOL! But obviously we need an authoring program that actually works. Suggestions for alternatives to Roxio Toast? Everything we have used has been a messy workaround or a not-so-elegant export from our editing programs. Matt
  2. Post Pro

    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    Spent time talking with support again today. They say that the issues we had with file handling in Toast 18 has been remedied. But... We will have to purchase the full version and we only get the usual upgrade pricing. I'm not trying to be cheap, but Roxio sold us a defective product that they promised to fix but never did. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... I'm not sure I want to pay them again after supporting them since the first days of Toast. They could have treated us better than this when they knew that their product was not functioning as advertised. Has anyone had the courage to buy Toast Pro 19 to see if it actually works?
  3. Post Pro

    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    I see there is now a Toast 19. Has anyone tried it? Have they solved the issues we have all been experiencing in this thread? Is it unrealistic to expect a free upgrade to Version 19 in order to solve our dilemma? ;-p Matt
  4. Post Pro

    CD Audio Problems Now As Well....

    Oh yeah, well aware of the "standards" on red book vs. orange book. On our CD reference masters we still use SoundBlade with DDP shells. My only point with the CD burning is Toast 18 is that in past versions we never had to "dumb down' audio files to burn quick check discs for clients. Not a bing deal, but it did save a little time in the day to not need to add an extra step. Just being nitpicky that some of the cool aspects of Toast seem to keep disappearing. Thanks...
  5. Post Pro

    CD Audio Problems Now As Well....

    Tried multiple file types last night. The only file that does not create distortion in the audio CD is 44.1k, 16bit. That seemed to burn okay. I guess they removed the ability to use higher quality audio files in Toast 18. I don't think I'm much of a fan of Toast 18. I guess I will need to reinstall Toast 15 again.
  6. Post Pro

    CD Audio Problems Now As Well....

    We all know about the issues with burning DVD and Blu-ray Discs from ProRes files. Now I'm noticing issues with burning audio CDs from 88.2k files. Previous versions had no problems with this procedure. Can someone double-check me on this and post the results? Thanks!!! Starting to wonder if ANYTHING in Toast 18 actually works. Checking for updates via the support tab inside of Toast now seems to just get hung up and I have to force quit the app. Really helpful that now there is no other way to download updates from this website.
  7. Post Pro

    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    I'm guessing it's way past time to give up. I've re-installed an older version just to be able to function. Probably too late for a refund at this point as well... LOL!
  8. Post Pro

    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    Finally did the chat with Roxio today but it's not good news. They seemed to be unaware that there was any issue. The second guy said he would need to speak to "internal" and someone would get back in touch. They did not give a time frame. Apparently, Pro Res is not supported now. Enclosed is a pic of our conversation on that part.
  9. Post Pro

    Drag and drop issues

    We are all still having this problem.I can verify it is still happening on the latest version of Toast 18. Also, there were several topics covering this but I cannot seem to find those posts now. Hmmmmmm
  10. Post Pro

    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    I did confirm that the workaround mentioned by Desert earlier in the post DOES work. I know that it certainly is not ideal, but at least it functions.
  11. Post Pro

    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    This is still a problem in Toast 18 Pro. All versions of 422 MOV files have worked in the past. It worked once when I upgraded to Toast Pro 18 and since then has failed to work. There's no reason a compressed codec such as 264 should work while a 422 file shows up on the Toast menu AND functions properly but shows up as only 904kb in the "on disc" menu. We've done the delete & reinstall "solution" but it is still not functioning. What's up Roxio? Here's the screenshot of what most of us are seeing. How about a real fix?
  12. Post Pro

    Useful Manual For Mydvd

    Is there a useful manual available for MyDVD that actually provides helpful information such as: 1) what file types REALLY work in MyDVD 2) can you edit fonts 3) why does the layout shift when moving between screens You get my point.... Matt
  13. Post Pro

    Fcpx Output

    Well... I have spoken with one person in their support department and the answer was, wait for it...... "I don't know. We will open a support ticket to see if that information is available." What??????? Not a good sign...
  14. Post Pro

    Fcpx Output

    I am in the same boat and so are quite a few other people. No one seems to have an answer to the file requirements for MYDVD. Please... Anyone with Roxio care to put this information out there? .MOV extension is a bit ubiquitous. Such a simple bit of information, but no answers anywhere out there... Matt