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  1. THat is, it copied properly onto the DVD, and the Video_TS folder is present. I will let you know if it plays properly later.
  2. Thanks for the help Guru. I went through the process, and it worked fine.
  3. She can't recall, so I am copying another VHS Video myself right now. I will see if I get a different result.
  4. The only files on the DVDs she created are .mpg files, which play on the computer.So, I do not understand how, if she used method 2, the software failed to create the Video_TS folder with the required files, and instead, just created an.mpg file.
  5. Thanks Guru. My daughter did the recording (she is 23, so I felt confident!). so I assumed there was only one approach to recording a movie onto a DVD.I expect that she used option 1, now that your question has prompted me to review the software. Are you suggesting option 2, because it results in the files that you mentioned within a Video_TS folder? If that is the case, I will try another VHS tape now and record using the second option. The movies that she copied were of variable length. some were greater than 4 GB, and were split into two DVDs. Some fit onto a single DVD. I see there is an option to record a movie onto two DVDs if it exceeds the capacity of the single DVD. Any other hints re: option 2? Thanks again Art
  6. I am not sure what you are asking, as my question relates directly to the Roxio "Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus" software. I followed the directions in the manual for this product. We are copying our VHS Tapes onto Memorex DVD-R's. Our intention is to play these DVDs on a Kosch DV-X721 DVD-player connected to our TV. The Roxio Software saves (there doesn't seem to be a choice) the movies as .mpg files on the DVD-R's. There is no video_ts file on the DVDs. The DVD player GAVE NO MESSAGE. The DVDs just spin incessantly in the DVD player without initiating. thanks Art
  7. Hey there. I have burned several DVDs from VHS Videotapes using the Roxio "Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus" hardware/software. The DVDs play on my laptop, but they do not play on our Kosch DVD Player. The files are saved as .mpg. What did I miss? Is there a trick to getting these to play on DVD players? Thanks