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  1. Sadly, using the Revo uninstaller only made things worse. I'm pretty much done with this whole affair. I may end up reinstalling Win 7 if I can find the time over the next few days, but after this, I will never purchase anything from Roxio, Corel or any associated subsidiaries or companies. Even if I get it to work as it should. And, my apologies... Thanks again for your time, Brendon.
  2. In the many times I've removed and reinstalled (at least 6 times now), I've always used the Roxio uninstaller that is available through the Easy CD & DVD Burning Setup program, and it hasn't made a difference. I'll try the Revo uninstaller, but I am pretty much at the end of my rope with Roxio and not very confident that this is going to work.
  3. Sadly, this did not resolve the problem. I even diabled the AV software before starting Easy CD & DVD Burning. Left it "update" as it asked to do, and rebooted. Did that twice. The third attempt, it still wants to "update" and the "RIP- Advanced" feature will not work. Unless you have some other ideas, I'm done. I will find another product that works as adverstised. I have pretty much lost all faith and trust in Roxio and Corel, and this will be the last piece of software I ever purchase from them.Their lack of loyalty and support to their customer base is appalling. Thanks again for your help Brendon, sorry to have wasted your time.
  4. Brendon, Thank you so much for your time and detailed reply. I have tried the uninstall/install route 3 times, all with the same results. I did disable the AV software each time, with no success. I did not try the MSCONFIG route, but I will try that and see how it goes. I will post back with the results. Thanks again, Regards, Ivan
  5. Every time I start Easy CD & DVD Burning, the program wants to "update" itself. A window titled Roxio Central opens and displays "Please wait while Windows configures Roxio Central" and another window titled "Roxio Central" displays "The setup must update files or services that cannot be updated while the system is running. If you choose to continue, a reboot will be required to complete the setup.". I have allowed this to run 4 times, and these messages still popup when I start the program. "Help" > "About This Software" displays the following: Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning Version:; Build: 140B49C, ECD; 701B41A, ECD Serial Number: xx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx (Removed for security purposes) Roxio Common UI Framework Version 4.0.4580.32870 Roxio Central Framework Version 7.0.4580.32862 Additionally, the RIP- Advanced feature will not work. It does not recognize there is an audio disc in the CD drive. The RIP (not Advanced) feature appears to work, but I have not tried to RIP an audio CD with it. Help please! Many thanks.