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    No Video Signal ! ?

    Question #1: For what purpose does vhs2dvd make use of telemetry? Question #2: Shouldn't the software check to see that necessary settings in Windows actually is enabled in order for it to work?
  2. Dankert

    No Video Signal ! ?

    It seems like so, but I don't think it is a Windows setting by default, but rather a result of using an optimizer tool or a tool to strenghten the security in Windows.
  3. Dankert

    No Video Signal ! ?

    I would like to share what the "No video signal" solution was in my case. In the image below the telemetry settings shown did make Vhs2Dvd work. Initially them 3 settings under the label "Security" was in red(disabled). Hope this could be of help for someone.
  4. Dankert

    Blue Screen Of Death

    http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/software_updates/default.html says it differently. "Easy VHS to DVD 3 (Windows 10 compatibility)" it states. Anyway, WinDbg claims that emBDA64.sys probably caused the BSOD.
  5. When Roxio's video capture USB device is plugged into my computer's USB port; a BSOD occurs immediately. Three times in a row(boots in between) it happen. Error message from Windows 10 (1511) Pro was: 1st time: Driver_Power_State_Failure Booted computer 2nd time: Bad_Pool_Header Booted computer 3rd time: Paged_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area