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  1. Hi, Thanks for your replies. I will keep this fix method, in case I have any more issues. It appears that the issue resolved itself after I shut down and then restarted the computer. Now when I go to burn a DVD, my DVD drive shows up and it works. I originally tried to burn a DVD right after the initial install without rebooting. Thanks for your replies. Pete
  2. Hi, I just installed Creator NXT4 on my Dell XPS running Win7 Pro. The install seemed to work fine. But when I go to burn a disc, it shows that no drive/device is detected. The DVD drive shows up in windows and I have used it to read/write before. I also used that DVD drive to install Creator NXT4. Do I have to set something for Creator to see my DVD drive? I was just trying to burn a test disc with a small mpeg file. Any thoughts on how I get Creator to see my DVD drive? thank you, Pete